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Can’t decide on which dentist to trust with your treatment?

Have you met Dr Jeremy Lung?

a dentist, a doer, an inspiration


Top dental implant dentist, he is a professional, competitive and down-to-earth dentist in Sydney who believes in providing aesthetic and natural-looking results for his patients.


Dr Jeremy Lung provides the perfect blend of exceptional specialist dental care with a holistic approach.

“There’s nothing I do that brings about the increase in quality of life that is as obvious as with all-on-4. My patients come in with broken down teeth, misfitting and often painful dentures and leave the next day with a fixed bridge that looks and feels like a full set of natural teeth. ” – Dr Jeremy

Jeremy chose to follow the long line of family dentists and enter the industry himself!


Dr Jeremy Lung received his Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2010. He also holds a Master of Arts in Christian Studies. Dr Lung is one of those few people who genuinely loves his job, he is extremely passionate about all aspects of dentistry but has a special interest in complex cases and ‘All-on-4’.

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See The Results

Overloaded with Information on All-On-4 Treatments?


Before and After

Overloaded with Information on All-On-4 Treatments?


Before and After

Overloaded with Information on All-On-4 Treatments?


Before and After

Overloaded with Information on All-On-4 Treatments?


Before and After

What is our All-On-4 Treatment?

The All-on-4 treatment is an innovative treatment designed to replace any of your missing or damaged teeth by placing four acrylics on titanium implants in each jaw to replace the missing tooth root. The implants are comfortable and functional – they’re fixed in place and will look and feel like your natural teeth.

This modern, revolutionary treatment can be used in either the upper or lower jaw (or both) to support immediate fixed replacement teeth.

The technique was invented by Dr Paulo Malo and is proven to be a highly successful, relatively inexpensive, prosthetic teeth option for those who have multiple missing or damaged teeth.

Appear and function like natural teeth

Cosmetically, with All-on-4 you can achieve a beautiful smile you can feel proud of. Your new set of teeth will be permanent and will function just like natural teeth so you can laugh, smile and enjoy food as you normally would.

Value for money

All-on-4 typically costs much less than alternative techniques. The use of four implants reduces the surgical time and complexity of the treatment, which in turn means fewer costs passed onto you.

Quick and less invasive

All-on-4 is less invasive compared to other more conventional methods and can even be performed under a local anaesthetic. It can also be completed within a span of a few weeks, which dramatically reduces your wait time for a new set of teeth.

High success rate

Success rates are much higher than conventional dental implants or other techniques.

Extended warranty with Dr Jeremy Lung

Even though All-on-4 is quicker and less invasive than other treatments, Dr Jeremy Lung believes that you should never have to compromise on quality. That’s why he has an extended warranty for your peace of mind.


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Overloaded with Information on All-On-4 Treatments?

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Are you an Ideal Candidate?

Dr Jeremy Lung has helped people of all ages with different circumstances to refresh and rejuvenate their smiles. You may consider All-On-4 if you have:

Unsuitable dentures – Ill-fitting or loose dentures can be very uncomfortable. If you are experiencing pain or speech difficulties due to your dentures All-On-4 could be a good option for you. 

Missing or damaged teeth – Do you have missing, broken, loose, or decayed teeth? Unfortunately, in many cases, these damaged teeth may not be viable to repair or it may not make financial sense to try and save them. In this case, your best option is extraction and replacement which can be done at a comparatively low cost with All-On-4.

Bone loss – All-On-4 can be a successful technique when you have less jawbone due to bone loss. The technique can be applied to either the upper or lower jaw.


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If you would like to achieve a beautiful, healthy-looking smile, contact us today to book a consultation. Jeremy will be happy to discuss with you if All-On-4 Dental Implants are right for you!

Dr Jeremy Lung