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As a thank you for registering for Dr Jeremy Lung’s All-on-4 webinar, we’d like to offer you your initial consult for $99. Valued at $280, this includes:

3D x-ray

If you decide to proceed with treatment, this cost will be deducted from your final treatment fee.

Dentures vs all-on-4

Prevent Jawbone Loss

If you are missing several or all of your teeth, the jawbone can begin to shrink over time. An All-on-4 is secured in your mouth by 4 implants. When professionally fitted, these implants can integrate with the bone, stopping deterioration and preventing further bone loss. 

All-on-4 treatment is considered a superior alternative to dentures as they won’t slip or move around when you eat or talk. Some patients have even described that their All-on-4 feels like their natural teeth. 

Thanks to advanced technology, you could be enjoying your new smile in as little as a day! Although some criteria will apply, Dr Jeremy Lung will be able to talk you through your options. 

Access My Super

Did you know that you can apply to access your super early for essential dental procedures? This includes All-on-4. 

To find out if you’re eligible, get in contact with our friendly team. 

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Meet Dr Jeremy Lung

Dr Jeremy Lung

“Recreating something out of nothing is very satisfying. In fact, most nights I’m reading about implants in bed, because I enjoy it so much.”

Dr Jeremy Lung received his Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2010; he also holds a Master of Arts in Christian Studies.

Although he enjoys every aspect of being a dentist, he has developed a special interest in All-on-4.

With passion, talent and meticulous attention to detail, Dr Lung reconstructs even the most complex of cases and will only recommend a treatment when it is 100% right for the patient.


5 Year Warranty

Because of current technologies and raw talent Dr Jeremy Lung will guarantee the implants and bridge (any fractures or problems with any part of the treatment) for 5 years.

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Terms & Conditions

1 For the warranty to be continued, the patient is continually attending the practice for regular check-ups and cleans. If there is preexisting gum disease, poor oral hygiene, or diabetes  Dr. Jeremy will recommend 3 monthly check-ups. Otherwise, only 6 monthly check-ups and cleans are required.

2 This warranty does not apply to smokers or to persons who have, or who develop an uncontrolled systemic health problems such as, but not limited to: diabetes, autoimmune disorders, severe osteoporosis, or any condition requiring long term steroid use.

3 If smoking or a medical condition is suspected as the primary cause of implant failure, an examination and appropriate blood tests will be required for the warranty to still apply.

Dr Jeremy Lung